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About Me
Diane Campbell painting a mural of a woman smoking cigar


Brushworks was established in 1999 by Diane Campbell, who was introduced to paint techniques while in art school. To pay for art supplies, she started working for Angel Interiors paint techniques, and after finishing school she was fortunate enough to work for the London branch, owned by the well acclaimed Charlotte Vittori. For three years, she learned from the best and got to see homes lavish beyond imagination.


Diane has a fine art diploma, and takes on commissions for oil paintings too. She has been painting passionately for 30 odd years, working as a muralist in SA and the UK, and more recently focusing on oil painting. She paints subject matter familiar to her, her environment and the people in it. She has a profound love of the ocean which comes through in her work, engaging the eye, heart and mind of the viewer. 

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